3 Reasons to Practice Mantra Meditation

by Katie Bock

3 Reasons to Practice Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is a truly powerful practice. Using mantras or affirmations give you the ability to shift your mindset, to create new thoughts and beliefs that serve you. A mantra is a tool of the mind and mantra meditation is a practice that helps you help yourself on a conscious and unconscious level. I personally can attest to the magic of this practice. When I started a mantra meditation practice I began to breath easier and flow through my days instead of being stressed and trying to control. This is a practice not a onetime fix, I practice everyday. The mind is a crazy thing and it you give it the chance it will run wild. By using mantra meditation you tame the mind in the direction you want it to go. In other words you hold the reins when using mantras. Its pretty amazing!


This week I challenge you to is to start a mantra meditation practice. Choose your mantra. It can be the same mantra or a different mantra or a set of mantras. Take a couple minutes everyday this week to have a mantra meditation practice. Try to say your mantra at least 27 times (18, 27, 54 or 108 times).

Shareable Quotes

“A mantra is a tool of the mind, it helps you step out of the chaos of your mind, to find focus, to calm the mind, to bring you into compassion. It has the power to take you out of a negative mindset and into a positive mindset.“

-Katie Bock

“This mantra meditation is truly powerful, not only in shifting your mindset, in setting your intentions, creating your reality, calming and focusing the mind but also in your physical health.”

– Katie Bock

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