3 Ways to Feel Good In Any Moment

by Katie Bock

3 Ways To Feel Good In any Moment

Life is a whirlwind of events ad there are so many different thoughts and feelings. We all desire to feel good and you can feel good in any moment. There are 3 practices that guide you back into a feel good space. Even when you are overly stressed, angry or sad you deserve feel good moments. Sometimes when you allow for a moment of feeling good it provides you the strength to continue walking forward or it reminds of where you want to be in life or maybe it encourages you to heal. Feeling good, feels good and that is some thing many of us want more of in life. These 3 practices are great to bring you back into feel good space and to use everyday even when you already feel good.


This week I challenge you to use these 3 practices. Whenever you are in down place, stress or whatever use the 3 practices (gratitude, mantras or choosing the next best thought). You can use them all together for individually. Your challenge is to use them to step back into feel good space.

Shareable Quotes

“Perhaps the most powerful practice you can bring into your life…gratitude.”

-Katie Bock

“Its what works for you to step back into a space of feeling good.”

– Katie Bock

“Feeling good doesn’t have to be perfection of goodness, it can be the next best feeling or thought.”

– Katie Bock

Feeling good doesn't have to be perfection of goodness, it can be the next best feeling or thought..png


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