3 Simple Ways to Give to Yourself Everyday

by Katie Bock

3 Simple Ways to Give

to Yourself Everyday

The hardest part of giving to yourself is often the how or when. In reality you can give to yourself in simple small ways every single day that don’t require the answer to how or when. I spent year of my life not giving to myself and over giving to others for many reasons, one of which not knowing how or when to actually make time for myself.

The thing is though I was thinking about it in a way that made it impossible. Once you shift your mindset into simple small ways of giving yourself or self-care the impact is huge. You are worthy of giving to yourself and refilling your cup. There are 3 simples ways you can give to yourself every single day and I am here to share them with you!

When I started doing these simple things for myself I began to feel amazing and able to live less stressed, frustrated and depressed. You can too!


This week I challenge you to give back to yourself every single day. It could be stepping into unconditional acceptance, listening to your body and intuition or just creating some space for yourself. However you can give to yourself, do it!

Shareable Quotes

“…the simple little things you can do every single day make a huge impact…”

-Katie Bock

“When you listen to your body, your intuition you are getting the message for what you actually need.”

– Katie Bock

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