3 Ways To Release Your Worries

by Katie Bock

3 Ways To Release Your Worries

Worry happens, its happens to all of us. Sometimes is easier to step out of worry and sometimes its hard. Worries come from all different places from fear to past experiences. The best way to process your worry is to know the tools that help you release them. The three tools I discuss in the video have worked for me over and over again to release my worries. The most important part of these practices is to try to stand in trust after you release your worries. Stand in trust that everything will work out for you highest good. There are a ton of things we cannot control, we can control how we react though and that is powerful. You can use these tools whenever and wherever you need to, to step out of worry and back into your peace.


This week I challenge you when worry shows up in your day to try out one or all of the 3 ways I mention in the video. You don’t have to fight the worry just let it be what it is and release it. Then stand in trust that everything will work out for your highest good.

Shareable Quotes

“Worry happens and its okay.”

-Katie Bock

“Your don’t have to sit in worry and fight with it. You can do something that feels good.”

– Katie Bock

“When you come into worry, do what allows you to release them and then come into trust.”

– Katie Bock

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