3 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Life

by Katie Bock

3 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Life

This is your life so why aren’t you in control? You truly have all the power within you. Sometimes its easy to forget that and thats okay. In todays video I’m gonna tell you how to get that power back. It all begins by taking responsibility. Yes that its often the hardest step and the most important step. Once you take responsibility for your life and claim it as your own the rest gets a bit simpler. Its to take back the reins of your life. There is no need to feel powerless. You can and will hold the reins when you chose to.


This week I challenge you to take responsibility for your life. Get clear on what you want, simplify, stop complaining, take action whatever it is you want to do. Take back the reins of your life!

Shareable Quotes

“Shift your complaining into gratitude for learning what you don’t want in your life.”

-Katie Bock

“Clarity is key. If you have no idea what you want, how can the universe give it to you? ”

– Katie Bock

“What brings you joy, what feels good for you? Keep those things, those people, those events in your life and simplify the rest.”

Katie Bock

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