4 Reasons Forgiveness Will Change Your Life

by Katie Bock

4 Reasons Forgiveness Will Change Your Life

Forgiveness is something we kind of know is important but its hard and sometimes we are not ready to forgive. The most important thing is to choose to forgive and let it unfold on its own. Why is it important? Well because forgiveness has power to change your life. When you choose to forgive you are also choosing to step out of pain, suffering and struggle; and into living life. Forgiveness is about you and moving forward into your life today. Not only will you feel a weight lift off your shoulders, choosing to forgive will highly impact your life. I am talking about making the choice to forgive and taking it one step at a time. By just making the choice you will feel lighter. In the video I talk about why is so important to choose forgiveness and how it will positively impact your life.


This week I challenge you to consider where you haven’t forgive someone or yourself. Take some deep breaths and choose forgiveness. Then take one step each day toward forgiveness.

Shareable Quotes

“By choosing to forgive you are allowing healing to occur.“

-Katie Bock

“When you chose forgiveness you open yourself up to having a better connection with yourself and more intimate connections in your relationships”

– Katie Bock

“The moment you choose to forgive you open yourself up to live here and now in this moment and to live your life that is true today.”

– Katie Bock

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