4 Tips to Discover Who You Are

by Katie Bock

4 Tips to Discover Who You Are

The way to freedom, fulfillment and living a life you love is through you. What does that mean? That means you need to know yourself because if you don’t you will have no idea what it looks like to be free, fulfilled or living a life you love. Taking the time to get to know who you are is powerful. It completely shifts the scale in your favor. There is no longer a questions or uncertainty about what you need or want because you know you. And beyond that when you know yourself you trust yourself!

Maybe you think you know yourself, thats great! If you already know who you are when is the last time you checked in with yourself? Its important to maintain a relationship with yourself just like you would with any other relationship. This is because you are always growing and transforming, so who you were two months ago is different then who you are today. Take time to discover who you are today and continuously check in with yourself. The more you know yourself, the simpler it becomes to feel free, fulfilled and to live a life you love.


This week I challenge you to create space for yourself. And then give yourself time to work on letting go of opinions and judgments of others. Work towards unconditional acceptance and flowing with yourself.

Check out the Creating a Bubble for Self-Discovery Video!

Shareable Quotes

“When you spend alone time with yourself you not only get to know yourself, you begin to trust yourself.”

-Katie Bock

“…you have to accept all that you have been through and accept that it doesn’t define you. It was an experience that you learned from but it doesn’t define who you are. You define who you are.”

– Katie Bock

“There are no conditions here. You can be who ever you want to be.”

– Katie Bock

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