5 Big Reasons to Join a CSA and How to Find One

by Katie Bock

Trying to figure out if a CSA would be good for your family?  I had jumped around with the same question for a while too.  And then the question of how do I find a good one and one not too far.  I have the answers for you!  My reasons to say yes to a CSA and how to find one nearby.

Why join a CSA?

  1. Not only do you get a full box of fruits and veggies, they are in season and locally grown! This means you are getting fresh and nutritious produce.  When you get your produce right from the farm it doesn’t have to travel for days and you know where it has been.
  2. You will Save Money! This is a big plus.  A CSA usually ranges from May to October give or take a month depending on the CSA.  In that time all your produce is paid for no grocery trips to pay for expensive produce found in the store (which is also from who knows where).
  3. Variety!  No more worries about what to buy at the store.  You just get the rainbow in your box.  This is great for your health because eating the rainbow or a variety of fruits and veggies give us lots of the nutrients our bodies need.
  4. The opportunity to talk with your farmer. This is wonderful, with a CSA you can ask your farmer all the questions you want.  How do they farm?  Do they use pesticides?  Do they use GMOs?  (Most local farms do not use GMOs by the way)  Any question you want ask, you can.  This gives you the knowledge and reassurance that what is going into your body and your family’s body is safe!
  5. Most farms have CSA Recipe Blogs on their websites. This gives you a variety of meals to try out with your box of goodies.  Also makes it easy to use those veggies you are unfamiliar with.

How to find the CSA for your Family?

So I have convinced you?   A CSA is a great choice!  And now how to find one nearby with the right growing methods for you, the right price, and other options.

  • You want a CSA that is not too far or has a close by pick up location as you will pick it up every week or every other week.
  • Growing methods are a concern for some and not as much for others. Bottom line you can ask questions.
  • Price varies from farm to farm, generally price falls somewhere from $300-$550.
  • Many farms with CSAs offer other options such as Bread and farm fresh eggs. These are add on options that you can chose to have or not.

The way to find out the answers to all of these is to visit a site called Local Harvest.  This site will allow you to find CSAs close by.  Just put in your zip code and CSA in search bar.

Check it out!  www.localharvest.com

Find that CSA that works for you!


Katie Bell

PS Email me at Katie@katiebellwellness.com if you have questions, I am happy to help


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