50+ Self Care Activities

by Katie Bock

Taking care of your self is one of the most important parts of life and your health.  It is often the one thing we forget about too.  The truth is if you don’t take care of yourself you really can’t take care of anyone else.  So before you give all your time to everyone and everything create some time for self-care.  It can be quick, it can be long whatever fits you best…just do it!  Check out my Self Care List below and bring one or two or more into your life…

Quick Self Care

    • Close your eyes and breathe.
    • Yoga stretches (Simple Twist, Seated Twist, Threaded Needle)
    • Go for a walk
    • Listen to soothing music
    • Close your eyes and take yourself to a relaxing place
    • Take a Power nap
    • Go for a drive
    • Enjoy a snack
    • Color a picture
    • Mediate
    • Breathing exercise
    • Read a Chapter in a book
    • Enjoy a piece of dark Chocolate
    • Read an article from a magazine
    • Place a warm towel on your face
    • Drink a glass of water
    • Sit in a quiet place
    • Have a smoothie
    • Daily affirmations
    • Get Fresh Air
    • Laugh
    • Cloud Watch
    • Take a Break


30 minutes to an hour Self Care

    • Walk
    • Nap
    • Take a Bath
    • Get a Massage
    • Read a book
    • Take a Yoga class
    • Go to the Gym
    • Bike ride
    • Cook a meal
    • Journal
    • Explore nature
    • Guided Meditation
    • Get your hair done
    • Take a class
    • Gardening
    • Take a different route to work
    • Warm Shower
    • Watch a comedy
    • Oil Pull


An hour or more Self Care

  • Spa Day
  • Go for Hike
  • Take a Day trip
  • A weekend away
  • Volunteering
  • Drive somewhere new
  • Lunch date with an old friend or a new friend
  • Sleep
  • Cook/Bake
  • Get artsy and create something
  • Play a sports game
  • Spend time to yourself

Good Luck!  And Enjoy!


Katie Bell

PS.  What’s your favorite Self Care Activity? Let me Know on facebook!



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