7 Day Gratitude Challenge

by Katie Bock

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is often the key to finding Peace within.  We are blessed with so much and yet at times it can be hard to see that.  Gratitude actually means a feeling of appreciation or thanks.  Appreciating what we have often opens our eyes to new horizons.

So Here it is, a Challenge!  For me, for you, for everyone!  A 7 day Gratitude Challenge!

All you need is yourself, a notepad, and a pen or pencil

Day 1

Starting simple with One Gratitude today…write down on your notepad One thing you are Grateful for Today

Day 2

Find Two Gratitudes today, and write them on your note pad for day 2

Day 3

In day three, find Three Gratitudes and remember to write them on your notepad

Day 4

By now you may be catching on!  In this day find Four Gratitudes and write them down. On this day you are halfway through and so let us reflect on day 1-3 and if you find in your gratitude’s for that day a person you are grateful for, Let them know!  Gratitude is something to share!

Day 5

Find Five Gratitudes in this day and make note of them on your notepad

Day 6

In day 6 write down Six things you are Grateful for and reflect on how you may have felt differently this week with finding Gratitude in everyday

Day 7

This is it!  You made it through, Find Seven Gratitudes today!  Write them in your notepad and Share with those around you! When you share, challenge them to the 7 Day Gratitude Challenge!

Gratitude brings peace to our Hearts and a smile to our souls…Be Present and Find gratitude in every moment.  Incorporate at least one Gratitude into your everyday life!

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