7 Day Water Challenge!

by Katie Bock

We all know water is important, it’s the one thing you are told from day one.  We are made up of 75% water and 85% of our brains is water.  Needless to say water is important!  Some say we need 8 cups a day others say we need as much as 15 cups a day.  We could debate, I won’t do that though.  Bottom line you want water every day and a lot of it.  So why not do a Challenge? 

Here’s the Challenge drink 12 cups of water a day for 7 days and see the difference in your body and mindset.  So that’s about 1 cup an hour.  It is a Total of 96 ounces a Day!  You can go bigger if you want and do a gallon of water a day, that’s up to you! (A Gallon is 128 ounces)

Rules are as follows…

  • Either commit to refilling up a 16 oz Cup and or 16 oz Water Bottle every Two hours, Have multiple 16 oz Cups/Bottles with water pre filled (you would need 6 total) or have a gallon Jug marked with what needs to be drank by which time.

This is a challenge so push yourself here and get all 12 cups every day!  Include the children too in a Little One’s Water Challenge, this is how we do it in our home. 

Tips to stay on Track

  • As mentioned above include the whole Family, do it together and have a celebration planed at the end. Something for everyone to look forward to. (Little One’s Water Challenge)
  • Mark your cup or water bottle with times to finish by. For example, If you start at 10 am you want half your 16 oz cup/bottle drank by 11 am and the entire cup/bottle empty by Noon. 
  • Set a reminder on your phone, so it will pop up with DRINK YOUR WATER!
  • Add Fruit to your water, Lemons, limes, cherries, berries…Whatever you like.
  • Get support at work, have your co-workers join in too!
  • Make a commitment to yourself and hold yourself accountable, this is for you!

Okay, its Time Lets Get Started!  I will run these challenges frequently in my Group, if you are reading this and want to join a challenge…join Empower, Transform, and Grow with Katie Bell(Group is linked here)

Looking for the Perfect 16 oz Cup to use?  I Love this One! and I find I drink faster when I use this cup with a Straw 🙂


Katie Bell

PS. Check out the Little One’s Water Challenge


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