7 Tips to Make Going Green Simple

by Katie Bock

Going Green has become a trend lately.  It sounds all the rage and yes it is wonderful and I couldn’t be happier that I am on a path to being green.  Something you don’t see a lot though is, going green is a journey.  It is a huge commitment.  As is anything great for your wellness and the wellness of the world around you.  I have been walking along my journey of going green I have found a few tricks to help the process.

Before we jump into the tricks, keep in mind going green does not mean you wear hemp clothing and can’t wash your hair or get your nails done.  It simple means you are aware of what you use and you make conscious choices for you wellness and the wellness of our Mother Earth. 

I began my journey years ago when I was given a gift, Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano.  And let me tell you Sophie is wonderful.  Check out her Books, the newest one is Gorgeous for Good.  Anyway this book guided me to going green.  Which leads into trick number 1…

1. Find a Guide

There are so many different views on going green and if can be confusing.  Find a book or a person to follow, who can help guide you in a direction of greening your life one step at a time.  For me that was Gorgeously Green and Sophie.  (Also keep your eyes peeled for a new Going Green program I am working on, due out later this year)

2. One Step at a Time

Remember we can only do so much at once and doing too much is not the answer.  Going green has many aspects to it.  Choose one and tackle it before jumping to another aspect.  Going Green includes, beauty routines, cleaning, housewares, food, shopping, recycling, etc.  Start with one and once you are comfortable move forward.

3. Keep Perfection at the Door

Don’t try to be perfectly green.  Perfection does not exist.  Just try your best.  If you have a hard time letting go of a certain product or food, that is okay.  I promise you will find a solution in time.  Don’t beat yourself up.  The effort to go green is better than walking mindlessly through a field of toxic health and earth destroyers. 

4. Make a Choice

You can DIY or find green products.  Either way it will be a transition.  Making your products takes time and I love it, it is just not for everyone.  Some green products still have questionable ingredients.  Do your best to make an informed choice about what is best for you, your family and your life.  We do a bit of both DIY and green products. 

5. Indulge

What is something you love to do, eat, whatever…find a green alternative and allow yourself to enjoy it.  Don’t stress about, there is something out there you love and it can be green I’m sure of it.  Treat yourself for all your hard work. 

6. Keep Learning

Just because you know a lot doesn’t mean you know it all.  Let yourself be open to learning about how you can be greener or new products available or anything.  Be open to hearing new information.

7. Have Fun!

This is a fun journey full of life and experimenting, enjoy it!  Relish in each moment.  Feel the joy that comes when taking care of yourself, those around you, and the Earth. 

Get back to your Green Journey and Remember Be Open, have Fun and Check out Sophie Uliano’s Books!


Katie Bell

PS Want a Green Guide?  I’m your girl, send me an email lets chat katie@katiebellwellness.com


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