Hi! I'm Katie.

I am an Intuitive Mentor I combine yoga, meditation, energy work and mindset tools to support women step into authentic alignment and live their best life.
Quick Facts

Get to Know Me


I am a mom to three crazy boys and a wife


I absolutely love the show Outlander and I cannot wait to visit Scotland!


My favorite Yoga Pose is Goddess.


I hate bananas. I don’t know why.


I prefer tea over coffee.


My biggest challenge in life is maintaining balance between motherhood and business creation.


Some would say my passion is teaching yoga. Really my passion is inspiring humans to live fearless and free.


I am a total history nerd! I love to learn about history, it fascinates me.

I went from living in fear with stress & being overwhelmed to living free & fulfilled by transforming my mindset one step at a time.

I have been on the journey to fearless freedom most of my life. As a child I was anxious about being my true self, as a teenager I got wrapped up in an abusive relationship which pulled me even further away from the fierce freedom I desired. When I was 19 I became a mom and that brought on more fear and less freedom.

One day my Dad said to me “Katie you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself.” In more ways than one this transformed my mindset. I began to look within and breakdown the beliefs that had held me captive. This led me to my trainings in yoga, meditation, health coaching, chakras and life coaching. I started to learn how to live fearless. I took one step toward that fierce freedom I desired.

I could feel myself healing and some days were really great but other days were hard…

Then I learned to transform my mindset. And when that happened I was Fearless, Free and Fulfilled. I had been trapping myself in a cell of my own creation and once I set myself free nothing could stop me!

Now my mission is to empower you to break out and live fearless, free and fulfilled because you deserve it!