Going From Autopilot to Mindfulness & Alignment

by Katie Bock

Going From Autopilot to Mindfulness & Alignment

How often are you just going on autopilot? Most likely the reason you feel off, stressed or overwhelmed is because you are not checking in with yourself. Mindfulness helps you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Your key to freedom and soul alignment is mindfulness. The knowledge and understanding you gain from being mindful is priceless. Without awareness how will you even know what is working for you and what is not. Alignment is about flow and sometimes that flow means flowing with the uncomfortable moments instead on going back into autopilot.

Shareable Quotes

“You get to know yourself better when you become mindful throughout your day.”

-Katie Bock

“Its all about stepping out of that autopilot and becoming aware of what you need, of what feels good for you, what is actually working for you and what is not?”

– Katie Bock

Its not about balancing your time and making everything equal. Its about coming into alignment with what works best for you today. And you have to be mindful to learn that.

– Katie Bock

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