Basic Everyday Seasoning

by Katie Bock

There are all kinds of seasoning mixes in the store.  And all different ways to season our food.  I have found that many of the seasonings I love are made by companies that don’t use organic spices which for me is important.  So I started glancing on the back of the spice mixtures and coming up with similar combinations of my own.  One of which is this Basic Everyday Seasoning. 

If can be used from ground beef, ground turkey, Burgers, Chicken, tofu…really anything your heart desires.

I found my Seasoning Jars Here, you can also find them Here.

What you need

•    1 TBSP Sea Salt
•    1 TBSP Black Pepper
•    1TSP Roasted Red Pepper Flakes
•    1TSP Garlic
•    2 shakes Paprika
•    Seasoning Jar

Once you have a seasoning jar, throw everything in and shake it up or mix is a bowl then pour it into you jar.  This recipe will fill up about ½ of a 2 oz jar, roughly 3 TBSP of Seasoning.  To fill up the entire container double the recipe.

If you want to make it for a one time use simply ½ the recipe and your good to go with any 1lb of meat or an equivalent amount of your favorite alternative.

Okay get out there and get Cooking!


Katie Bell

PS. I love making Modern Day Healthy Helper with this Seasoning!


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