Branches of Yoga

by Katie Bock

Branches of Yoga

Yoga is not simply an asana practice (Physical Postures).  There are several aspects of yoga.  Yoga falls under these six Branches.

Raja (Royal)-This yoga is about self-control, follow Yoga-Sutras and big in philosophy. How does the mind work, there are no asana or postures in this Yoga

Jnana – Self Inquiry, this form of yoga is study’s ancient texts and grow intellect based on the study of texts

Bhakti- Yoga of Devotion, You choose your devotion.  There is repeated chanting of chosen devotion.  If you look up Hanamon he is an example of Bhakti Yoga

Karma- Yoga of Service, this is Selfless service with no attachment to results, you are simply serving

Tantra – Yoga of balancing/connecting energies/yoga of rituals, Use of rituals to balance energies within.  An example is Kundalini.

Hatha- Yoga of Postures or Asana, A body oriented transformation.  This is the yoga many of us are familiar with, the physical practice.  There are several different types of asana, find one that fits you best.

You can practice yoga in any or all of these branches.  It is your practice and your lifestyle, make it fit to who you are!

Follow up next week for more about the Yoga Sutras

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