Calling Back Your Energy

by Katie Bock


Calling Back Your Energy.jpg


You are Energy, I am energy. We are all Energy.  Big Balls of Energy.  We give, and we receive every moment of everyday.  Here’s the thing though, we give off our positive and negative energy and we receive both from others.  Did you ever wonder why it seems when you are around certain people you feel blah or just negative in general?  Well you are receiving a negative energy from that person.  This can happen when we walk by a person, place or thing.  We don’t even have to interact with anyone or anything we can just pick up negative energy. Then we find ourselves feeling frustrated, irritable, even angry or sad.  Now don’t get me wrong it’s important to acknowledge and feel your negatives too, but it’s just as important to let them go.  

Last night we had soccer pictures for the oldest little love.  He was moving slowly getting his soccer uniform on, we were about 10 minutes late to photos and they had taken the team photo without him.  I was beyond frustrated.  I couldn’t believe they hadn’t done individual pictures first and I wasn’t quiet about my frustrations.  No, I did not flip out or make a big scene about it.  However, I did make sure to let my frustration and irritation be known.  This is not like me, usually I take a deep breath and let the little things go, for whatever reason I didn’t do that this time. I had shared all negative energy with everyone in that room.  The coach then felt terrible for miscounting the kids, so terrible that I received multiple apologies and he offered to have a photographer come out to the field to take another group photo, who knows who else I infected with my negativity.  The thing is though I have a nice camera, I have photoshop I can easily take a good quality photo of the entire team.  So here we are. I pulled this negative energy then shared it with the universe.  Shame on me right!  No, this happens we all get frustrated, irritated, and negative sometimes and there is nothing wrong with that.  When this happens, it is important we realize it not just for ourselves, but for those around us and the universe. 

So what can I do now? I feel bad, the coach feels bad who know who else feels blah today because of me.  This is similar to how you feel when you have an unsettling interaction with someone, maybe a disagreement, argument or maybe you just felt a negative energy from someone or some place.  

It’s simple actually. Just call back your energy and give everyone else their energy back.  Close your eyes and say in your mind, out loud or both…

“I call back my energy. I call back my energy.  And I give back everyone else’s energy to them”

When you say it mean it and believe in it.  Energy is a funny thing if you don’t mean it or believe it, it doesn’t hear you.  Energy hears your true thoughts.  So, BELIEVE IT when you call your energy back and when you send energy back to who or where it belongs.  Repeat this as many times you feel you need to in one moment or multiple times a day.

You are Energy.  Let your Energy Flow Unblocked.  Call it back.  

I can truly say from personal experience this works!!  I am so grateful to my amazing friend Amber, The Chakra Diva for sharing her wisdom with me. This was an amazing tool to learn. Now I am sharing it with You!  So, when it’s time, you can call back your energy.



Katie Bock