Category: Healing the Body

What’s all the Hype about…Quinoa?

I hear about quinoa all the time now and I absolutely love it!  It can be used in several dishes and is packed with nutrients.  Quinoa actually has the highest nutritional profile of all and grains.  And big plus, it cooks pretty fast, faster than rice. Quinoa is

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How to determine what is Best to Eat

What is healthy? What is “right or okay” to eat?  One day eggs are good and the next they are bad.  One experts says no don’t eat that and another says yes eat that.  Meat is killing us according to some and according to others we cannot survive

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Fruit Feast

This is a 3-day cleanse and detox of your body, in other words in kicks all the toxins out!  It is the fruit feast!  This really is a great empowering journey.  The fruit feast is 3 days of only eating fruit, which is anything with seeds.  You can

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