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How To Manage And Reduce Your Stress

Stress is something many of us struggle with. It happens for a variety of reason and ultimately regardless of the reason behind the stress you have the power to manage and reduce it. In this episode Katie discusses 3 ways to manage and reduce your stress plus why they

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4 Ways Your Intuition Shows Up You Might Be Missing

Intuition is a hot topic in the spirituality world. And it is common to hear follow your intuition. The thing is you might be missing the ways your intuition shows up. Sometimes your intuition provides guidance in unexpected ways and its up to you to become aware of those ways. In this

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How To Discover Your Strengths with Chris DeGuzman

Curious about what your strengths are? Quite often the focus is on bettering a weakness versus allowing your strengths to shine. Katie and Chris break down how knowing your strengths can inspire a free and fulfilled life. They also discuss a tool to support you in discovering your strengths. Press play to

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