Colors to use in your Home

by Katie Bock

Are you looking to do some redecorating, painting or preparing for a move?  I moved recently and did some research on colors and Feng Shui.  It is amazing how the color of a space can affect how you feel in that space.  I have found it is important to have a balance throughout the house as well.  You want a space of serenity, maybe your bedroom, a bathroom, or even some people lucky enough to have a Zen or meditation room.  You want a space for activity and sociability, a kitchen or a living area.  You want a welcoming space in you entrance way.  And you want children’s rooms to be peaceful and full of creativity at the same time.  You can create the space you want with the colors you use.

Red is an attention grabber.  It is great for spaces with a lot of activity.  Red can increase your pulse rate and brain activity.  Red is associated with passion.  Element: Fire

Orange is great for entertaining spaces such as a dining room or an entry hall.   It can reduce depression, tiredness, and pain.  Orange can create a sense of joy while unblocking emotions.  It is associated with enthusiasm, sociability, and optimism.

Yellow can raise energy levels, wash away negativity, and revitalize spirits.  It encourages thought process and helps the mind focus.  The color yellow can help with skin problems, immobility, depression, and jaundice.  Avoid the use of yellow in bedrooms as it may be too intense.  Element: Earth

Pink can be good for bedrooms, as it can help with sleep difficulties in hyperactive children.  Pink can also be helpful in moving past relationship troubles.  It creates a safe calming haven.

Purple is associated with activities of meditation, healing, and spirituality.  It is known as a spiritual color.  Many people in touch with their spiritual side prefer shades of purple.  A spa or retreat is the place for purple.

Blue is good for many areas of your living space as it gives off serene vibrations.  You must be careful with blue because too much blue can give depressing or cold feelings.  However blue can reduce stress and tension, as well as calm negative emotions such as anger.  Blue is a soothing color.  It can lower heart rate and blood pressure.  It can help also help with back or muscular problems.

Green promotes safety.  It is great for places of retreat such as a bedroom or living room.  Green brings peace and calming.  Stress reduction, ease of headaches/migraines and gastric problems, and balance of mood swings can all result from the color green.  Element: Wood

White is associated with purity and goodness.  This is a color of innocence.  White can bring freshness but it is also lifeless.  A good space to use white is a kitchen or bathroom.  White is best when used with complimenting colors.  Element: Metal

Black is a color of power and mystery.  It can also associate with uncertainty.  Black can be used in a bedroom but it has negativity of darkness and evil.  Not for children’s rooms and better to use as accent.  Element: Water

Brown is a color of stability and strength.  It can be associated with a promise of prosperity.  Brown works well in an entrance way or an area you keep plants and/or small trees.

Gray is a neutral color.  It can give a balancing effect when used with bright colors.  It is good to use as a base color because it can help the other colors to stand out.

Gold and Silver both are to be used as accent colors.  Gold is associated with luxury.  Gold is a very strong color and you do not want too much of it anywhere, it is very intense.  Silver represents peace and clarity, mental insight.

I hope this information helps you as it helped me.  Now create the space you want to live in…play in…relax in…