Creating a Bubble for Self-Discovery – 8 Minutes

by Katie Bock

Creating a Bubble for Self-Discovery

with Katie Bock

Self discovery is a powerful practice. The more time you spend getting to know yourself the more you will trust yourself. When you know and trust yourself you create and live a life that feels good for you.

This practice is to create a bubble for yourself, free of judgement. A safe space to listen to your body, intuition and discover who you are today. With a few gentle yoga stretches and breathing you create this beautiful bubble of exploration and discovery. The practice ends leaving you open to be with yourself.

At the end of the practice Katie suggests staying in the bubble and listening. Here are some tips for discovering yourself further.

*Listen to your body, intuition, thoughts & feelings

*Ask yourself a question and see what comes up

*Start journaling, write down what comes to mind without judgement

*Just simply be with yourself

It is important to check in with yourself often. You are always transforming and so the more often you spend time with yourself the better you will know yourself. Who you were yesterday is not who you are today. Create a bubble for self discovery often.

If you think someone else would benefit from creating a bubble for self discovery please share it! And tag Katie on Social Media @KatieBockYoga



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