DIY Diffuser

by Katie Bock


I found this idea on doTerra’s Blog.  I was curious to see if it actually worked so I tried it out.  I found it is a pretty decoration that gives the space a nice aroma!

All you need

  • Water beads, choose whatever colors you want (order here or find at your local craft store)
  • A glass container/vase, style of your choice ( I chose a simple small rounded one)
  • Water
  • Your Favorite Essential Oil (I used Lavender in one, Wild orange in another, and frankincense in a third one)
  1. Clean glass container/vase. When dry place water beads inside. Use an amount that will fill container. (Note: They expand quite a bit so try not to use too many)
  2. Add water. It took about 1 -1 ½ cups for my size container.  Wait for water beads to expand.  You can let them sit overnight.
  3. Once water beads have expanded, drain the excess water.
  4. Drop 3-5 drops of your Choice Essential oil. I found that 5 drops works best.

You can add a bow or lace if you would like.  Dress it up how you like it.  You’re only maintenance is to re drop essential oil about every 4 days or as the aroma disappears.  I suggest cleaning glass container every couple of weeks to freshen up.


Katie Bell