DIY First Aid Spray

by Katie Bock

With little ones running around there are bound to be scraps, cuts, falls and so on.  I prefer to use all natural remedies and Essential Oils are big in our house.  This is our First Aid Spray, it works great and I know when I use it there are no harmful Chemicals, which is a big plus.

DIY First Aid Spray

Whats inside?

Place the first 4 ingredients in a 2 oz Glass Spray Bottle then fill the rest with clean/filtered water.  Be sure to shake well before every use to combine all ingredients.

Lavender is used for its calming properties.  Melaleuca/Tea tree for is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties.  And frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties.  The three combined is the spray allow for calming and healing, give support to the body.

Okay now Give it a try!  It has be great to have in our Medicine Cabinet and it will be great in yours!

All Ingredients can be found here


Katie Bell

PS Looking for wholesale prices on Essential oils?  Send me an Email, I can help with that  🙂

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