DIY Immune Support

by Katie Bock

Immune Support is really important during those months when sickness always seem to pop up.  In our home we try to find natural ways to support our immune systems.  Here are our three most used Immune boosters!

DIY Immune Support

  1. Immune Boost Smoothie – packed with nutrients and delicious. It has clementine/orange, berries, kale, turmeric, and coconut water.  This is great for little ones, they think it’s a treat! Find the recipe here
  2. A spoon full of Honey with a sprinkle of Cinnamon and Turmeric. Local honey is great to help support the body for the environment that surround you, cinnamon is packed with antioxidants, and turmeric is a great healer.
  3. Protective blend essential oil – I place 30 drop of a protective blend in a Roller Bottle and fill the rest with coconut or jojoba oil. Roll on the bottoms of the feet in the morning or evening.  Find out more about a Protective Blend here

We try to use one of these Immune boosters every day, to keep our bodies in tip top shape and ready to fight away the germs! Share with us your favorite on Facebook, we love to hear from you!

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