How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Dream Big

by Katie Bock

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Dream Big

Far too often dreams are dulled down because of limiting belief systems. The truth is you are capable and worthy of dreaming big wild dreams and bringing them to life!

This is why this discussion with Kim Driscoll had to happen. Kim is an amazing life coach and through her own journey has discovered how to dream big. The biggest obstacle in your way is yourself, which means you have the power to get out of the way.

In this episode of Living Free and Fulfilled you will start to become mindful of what may be blocking you and encouragement to open up and dream big. In other words it is going to help you get out of your own way and not only dream but dream big and bring it to life.


This week I challenge you to open yourself up and dream a little bigger. Expand your vision for yourself without holding yourself back.

Shareable Quotes

“if what your doing feels comfortable and doesn’t scare you a little bit you are not dreaming big enough.”

-Kim Driscoll

“…thats why its so important to do that check in, to be aware to be mindful because maybe you were dreaming big and now today you are holding yourself back…”

– Katie Bock

Put your filter on, filter out the negative from your own brain and from other people.

– Kim Driscoll

Give yourself grace for your dream to unfold.

-Katie Bock

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Special Guest Kim Driscoll – Life Coach

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