Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

by Katie Bock

Children love to get little gifts and surprises.  I have a little one asking me when Easter is coming almost every day and I know he is looking forward to receiving some little gifts.  While I do think teaching him about what Easter’s really about is important, right now I would like to create an Easter Basket that is not full of useless items and candy.  I have searched and found some great options I wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

 Skip the Easter grass.  I know it looks nice, but it’s horrible for our environment and really has no use! Instead use shredded paper, fabric or real grass.  A neat option is to grow real grass in a basket then place your goodies in it.  You can replant the grass later.  Besides, don’t you hate cleaning up Easter Grass?

Buy a basket for each child that you can reuse instead of trashing a plastic one every year.  This saves plastic and waste.  It also gives your child a special basket that belongs to them year after year.

Easter Candy…I do try and limit candy however it is an Easter basket so just choose wisely.  Organic candy or organic fruit snack.  Also homemade candy is a great option.  You could try…

The Goodies, I know my basket always had some little toys and such.  Choose usable things, not something that will add to a pile.  Not only will it help the environment, it will help you not go crazy with the mess!  You can make something homemade or choose options like…




Being Eco Friendly isn’t bland or boring, you just have to get creative!  The children will love whatever they get Easter morning especially if they can enjoy it for more than an hour.  So get out there and get Creating an Eco –Friendly Easter Basket!


Katie Bell