Endless Benefits of Prenatal Yoga plus 2 Simple Sequences

by Katie Bock

Yoga and Pregnancy go very well together.  Yoga can be gentle enough for a non-intense exercise or intense enough for a tougher workout.  During Pregnancy there are all kind soft things going on in the body…added weight, less energy, skin stretching, and hormones are a wreck.  With so much to deal with, Yoga is the grounding and stretching needed.

Here I am in my 23rd week of pregnancy, my second pregnancy, and praising my yoga practice.  Why?  Practicing yoga has allowed my body to transition easily, gives me energy and a positive mindset…shoving those hormone crazies to the side.  And not only does it help my body feel better, it is helping me to strengthen muscles to prepare for labor.

I’ve been so impressed with my growing Yoga Practice, ever flowing and changing with Pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga Benefits

  • Relieve Muscle tension
  • Relaxation
  • Energizing
  • Practice Deep Breathing
  • Strengthen Muscles for Labor
  • Stop Hormone Crazies
  • A time to connect with you
  • And a time to connect with the Baby
  • Hip Opening
  • Stretching out the tension
  • Helps with Sleep
  • Prepares you for Child Birth

If for no other reason do prenatal yoga for child birth prep.  Although I am not sure we are ever truly prepared for anything in life, which is partly what makes it life.  Yoga guides you to a relaxing and open mindset, something that is key during birth.  With that being said yoga is a great way to Strengthen your body for labor as well.

I have put together two Yoga Sequences, Morning Rise and Prenatal/Post Natal Strengthening.

*Generally most OB/Midwife/Doulas will approve prenatal yoga for most pregnancies, however it is always good to check in first and get cleared for any physical activity.*

You can find Morning Rise Sequence Here…I do this every morning, it is wonderful!

And Prenatal/Postnatal Strengthening Here…A very empowering series!

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Katie Bell

PS Here is a Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond Yoga Book I enjoyed Check it Out!


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