Flexibility In Your Life

by Katie Bock

Flexibility In Life

Flexibility is not just about physical flexibility it’s about being flexible in all parts of your life and in fact flexibility may be one of the most important things to maintain. Being inflexible in your body means you can’t move completely you get stuck and maybe you have pain. When we talk about being inflexible in life, that has the potential to totally derail everything we desire to bring stress and tension; to create a jail of our own making. When we are inflexible we box ourselves in. We stop the flow of life; of living. You see our lives are just like a river when you think of a river there are places where it flows with ease their places when it’s still there are places when the water starts to pick up speed and gets faster and rough and then there are rapids rushing rapids. Our life goes through much the same cycle as the river.  

We cannot control which part of the river we are in. The only thing we can control is if we will be flexiblewhen we find ourselves in these different places in life. If we choose to be inflexible then we are choosing to drowned ourselves. When we choose flexibility we choose to flow with however the water is going and we are trusting in ourselves in our abilities and we are living.  

Just remember wherever you are in this moment in life this too shall pass I recently did a meditation challenge and there was story that was part of one of the days and it talked about an ancient king with a message and so on and so forth but the message was this too shall pass everything in life will pass. If you are in a still patch or if you are in the rough rapids or anywhere in between this too shall pass. Be flexible and flow with life so that you can stay free.

Take a deep breath and lift your feet up writing out the rapids until they end and when you’re in that place you want to be find gratitude fill your heart with grateful thoughts.

I challenge you this week to take a step back to look at where you are in the moment and see where are you flexible and where are you not. Boundaries are important and knowing what you need is important, it is also important to be flexible and to be able to flow with what comes and what goes. That is your challenge.

Wishing You Fearless Freedom,

Katie Bock