Flowing to Avoid Burnout

by Katie Bock

Flowing to Avoid Burnout

Tired? Overwhelmed? Burnt out? The truth is these things happen far too often for women. And its because you take the world on your shoulders. That heaviness pulls in stress, guilt and shame. The upside, you don’t have to feel the heaviness, you don’t have to take the world on your shoulders.

You always have the choice to flow with the moment. It is when you flow you free yourself from the stress, overwhelm and burnout. Resting is essential. Just like you must exhale in order to inhale a fresh breath; you must also rest to re-energize.

Your body and your intuition will tell you when it is time to rest. The signs are all around you, you just have to listen and choose to flow. Planning is great and sometimes you have to put your plans to the side and just live in the moment. Flowing is your key to avoiding burnout.


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