Food Journaling ?

by Katie Bock

As I began my food journey, I had a ton of people tell me to food journal.  And in all honesty my original thought about it was “right because I have time to do that!”  How many of you have had that thought before?  I am sure many of you.  So what I will say next might be confusing, just read a little more it will all make sense.

Food Journaling

Start Food Journaling!  And start now!  This has the ability to change your life.  Let me get clear.  I know you have no time; I know I have no time.  However this is something to make time for.  I will start at the beginning, what is food journaling?  Food journaling is keeping track of what you eat and how it makes you feel.  This is not counting calories; this is not to lose weight or to make yourself feel awful for eating something.  Food Journaling is simply to help you find the foods that you feel best when eating.  And on the other side the foods you eat and you don’t feel so great.

Every person is different and therefore different foods affect everyone differently.  Some can have dairy, others cannot.  So have you ever had a day where you just felt congested or no energy or had unwanted feelings and you were not sure why?  These symptoms may have been  cause by something you ate.  For me I hardly remember what I ate yesterday, let alone how I felt.

That is where food journaling comes in.  You can start with a composition book or just a small notepad.  And just begin writing down what you ate and how you felt that day.  After about 2 weeks you will begin to see when you feel great, when you don’t, and what you ate.  This is a key to healing yourself with food.

You can do it after every meal or at the end of the day, whenever you can fit 5 minutes into your schedule.  Make it Happen it’s worth it, I promise!  Food Journaling opens our eyes to see what we put in our bodies and how much it affects us.

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