Finding Freedom In Consistency

by Katie Bock

Finding Freedom In Consistency

I used to think that a routine, a consistent routine was attaching me and keeping me from just flowing freely with life but boy was I wrong.  It is actually the consistency and the routines that create freedom in your life. When you have a consistent routine that you wake up in the morning, you start your day and you know that you’re gonna do this every day it will actually free up the chaos in your mind. To be free we actually need some kind of stable order, some kind of consistency. 

Recently I started meditating when I wake up in the morning and sometimes it’s just for a minute because that’s all the time I have and sometimes it’s longer, not matter the length of time if makes a huge impact on my day. Being consistent and having a routine does not mean that you are attached strictly to a certain time frame or specific way of doing, it means you show up and do it for whatever amount of time you can or whatever way you can. Always remember if you fall off the wagon it’s okay! We all do sometimes.  


This week I challenge you to take time to look at where you are consistent in life. Does it serve you or does it create stress? Where are you not consistent and where can you be more consistent? Is there something that you can bring into your day consistently; such as meditation or practicing a few yoga poses or using a daily mantra or something that can bring freedom and help you to stress less every day?

I am challenging you to discover consistency in your life, how it serves you and when it doesn’t. Then to stay consistent with those things that help you help yourself. In other words I am challenging you to realize where you are and where you are not consistent and then to implement habits of consistency and pay attention to how you feel. Its okay if you start some consistency and fall off the wagon, we all do! Just get back up and start again.

Shareable Quotes

“Being consistent actually creates time in your day for you to be free.”

-Katie Bock

“Consistency removes the chaos from your mind.”

– Katie Bock

“Even if you just show up everyday and do your best, that’s consistency.”

– Katie Bock

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