Fresh Avocado & Egg Salsa

by Katie Bock

I am always searching for ways to spice up regular meals.  For me during pregnancy eggs have been a staple for breakfast or lunch.  They can get really boring sometimes, especially when it becomes an everyday occurrence.  I am also a huge fan of salsa.  One day I was craving both!  I thought hey why not combine the two!  I was thoroughly impressed with what I can up with.  Still simple yet full of flavor. You could chose this for breakfast, lunch or dinner…it is truly filling.

It is a Simple, easy and Tasty addition to a boring everyday meal. Not to mention it adds a bit of the rainbow to your meal, always a plus!  Enjoy!

Recipe is below, Here is a Video tutorial too!

What you Need

•    2 Farm Fresh Eggs
•    ½ Avocado
•    2 slices of Onion-Chopped
•    1 Small Tomato  or 1/2 Large Tomato-Chopped
•    ½ TBSP Cilantro
•    1 Lime Wedge

How to Make

1.    First chop up your onion and tomato.  Then throw them into a small bowl.
2.    Slice open that avocado and pull one half out of the outer shell.  I absolutely love my avocado tool, you can find it here!  Add avocado to your bowl of onion and tomato.
3.    Add 1 TBSP Cilantro and squeeze one lime wedge on mixture.
4.    Mix together and then set to the side.
5.    Cook your eggs, I scrabbled mine.  You can cook them however you prefer. 
6.    Once eggs are cooked add them to your bowl and mix into salsa.  
7.    Viola, your Fresh Egg Salsa!


Katie Bell


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