Fresh Rainbow Salsa

by Katie Bock

Salsa is a fun and easy snack.  I love it because it is packed with flavor and you can experiment with all different veggies!  It is also a great way to get tons of phytonutrients, especially this rainbow Salsa, you have all the colors in one bite. 

Phytonutrients are nutrients that are found if different color fruits and veggies.  To get all that our body needs it’s important to eat a variety of colors.  Eating the rainbow is a fun way to get little ones excited about fruits and veggies. 

We love to have this rainbow salsa with blue corn tortilla chips, with an omelet, or with chicken.  I love to use it with tacos too! 

Check out this Video Tutorial!  Lots of Veggie Chopping!

Here’s what you need

•    1 quart of grape/cherry tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes
•    1 Sweet Banana Pepper
•    ½ Yellow Bell Pepper
•    ½ Orange Bell Pepper
•    4 slices Red(Purple) Onion
•    Scallions
•    1 Lime
•    1-3 TSP Cilantro ( Depending on Preference)

How to

1.    Slice and dice tomatoes, banana pepper, bell peppers, red onion and scallions.  You want about a hand full of scallions.  Throw everything into a bowl.
2.    Roll you lime before slicing to get juices moving.  Slice and squeeze lime juice in bowl with veggies. 
3.    Add 1-2 TSP of Cilantro and mix together.
4.    Viola you ready to eat your Delicious Rainbow Salsa!  

I store in a large Mason Jar in the refrigerator for 24 hours to let juices and flavors really settle.  Of course this is after I have a few bites!  Enjoy, will last 2 weeks in the refrigerator.


Katie Bell

PS. What do you like do have Salsa with?


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