Gemini Season Guidance: The Magic of Adapting To The Here & Now with Rini York

by Katie Bock

Discover what Gemini season is all about and how to navigate it from my favorite Astrologer Rini York! Gemini is the third sign in the astrological year and an air sign. As Rini would say astrology is a cycle of nature and we are just a reflection of it, tune in to learn more about Gemini and how you can connect to the energy of this season plus how your inner magic reveals itself when you open up to adapt to the present moment.


Additional Resources

  • Tune Into The Natural Cycles: A Freebie How To Guide For Navigating The Astrology Seasons – Message Rini on Facebook or Instagram to Get Access
  • Rini’s Celestial Wisdom Membership to tune into your inner wisdom using star magic, grounding techniques, physical movement and more…
  • Aligned Life MembershipOn demand energy infused yoga and meditation sessions to guide you as you re-discover your power, inner wisdom and magic.


Action Step For Gemini Season:

Practice connecting to the wind and the element of air.  Create space to communication with the self, reflect on the perspectives you have and the stories you live by.  And maybe update some of those stories to align with the here and now.  Let us know what you did, tag us in a post or story on Instagram @katiebockyoga @rini_mystic_heart and share how you are feeling this Gemini season!


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