Happy Hips Yoga Sequence

by Katie Bock


Happy Hips Yoga Sequence

Your hips are one of the most important parts of your body. They are responsible for movement, stability and balance. When the hips are a little off you will surely feel it. Sometimes low back discomfort can be because of hip tension or dis-ease. Sitting, standing, walking, balancing, running, jumping all require the hips in some capacity. Let’s give the hips some love!

Not only are the hips important in the physical body they also play a huge roll in the energetic and emotional body. The root and sacral chakras align with the hips. This is a place of stability, security and emotion. Often our emotions get stored in the hips and so any hip stretch could bring up feelings you didn’t realize you had.

You always want to create a safe space for you to practice in. A container for you to connect and feel what comes up for you. This is not only for your emotional self but your physical self as well. Hip stretches are deep stretching poses and you want to be fully present and aware whenever working on the hips. As you practice this sequence, create a safe space for yourself to be present and aware of what you feel. Be aware of emotions, thoughts and physical sensations.

Tap into the moment, be aware and feel.

Hang Out in Each Pose for 10-15 breaths.

Seated Hip Circles– Get energy Flowing. Warm up and Bring Movement to the Hip Region,

Sage Twist – Free up Space. Open up Low Back and Lengthen the Spine.

Cat/Cow – Awake the Hip Joint. Awaken the Body.

Inhale for Cow and Exhale for Cat. Repeat 10 times

Low Lunge with Hip Press – Begins to Allow. Expand the Front Side of the Hips and Body.

Lizard Pose – Breath Deeply and Slowly Open the Hip Space. Allowing.

Half Split – Giving Yourself Some Unconditional Love. Counter Stretch to Lizard.

Low Lunge, Lizard & Half Split Practice Each on One Side then Repeat on Other Side.

Downward Dog – Get Grounded in the Present Moment. Feel Stability in the Body.

Pigeon Pose – Rest In this Pose and Allow. Breath into the Hip Space as You Deeply Stretch the Hips. (Repeat on the Other Side)

Wide Angle Fold – Stretch and Refresh. Open up the Inner Thigh Muscles Here.

Bound Angle -Breath and Bow to Yourself. Honoring this Moment.

Boat Pose – Encourage Strength and Stability within the Hips.

Seated Forward Fold – Begin to Surrender. Breathe Deeply into the Low Back.

Full Body Stretch – One Final Stretch. Breath in Deeply and Exhale Release

Find Savasana for as long as you like.

Use the Affirmation I Allow Myself to Feel what Comes Up throughout this Practice.

**If you have a hip replacement or a lot of discomfort in the hips some of these poses may not be for you. Listen to your body and don’t hurt yourself. If you chose to practice the Happy Hips sequence, practice with caution and awareness.**


Katie B.


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