Healing Play Dough

by Katie Bock

It is nice to be able to have something for little ones to play with that actually helps them feel better.  I love that I can make this play dough with my little guy and then he can enjoy playing with it all while calming him down or helping him breathe clear.  This is a must in our home!

Play Dough Recipe

What you need…

How to make…

  1. Throw flour, water, salt, & vegetable oil into a pot stir together until most of the clumps are gone.

  2. Add food coloring for your color of choice. Mix together.  Then add you essential oils for calming or breathe easy Play doughs

  3. Turn stove top onto med-high heat. Continue to stir together until dough starts to form.  Once the dough is formed together turn off heat and remove from pot.  Knead until it is no longer gooey and feels like dough.  (It will be hot when 1st removed let it sit for a minute or two then knead it.)

  4. Enjoy!

I hope your family can enjoy this as much as we do!  Good Luck and Have fun!

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Katie Bell

PS Dough will last about 6 months, store in an airtight container:-)


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