Healthy Veggie Spaghetti

by Katie Bock

Ever want to spice up an old favorite?  Make it a bit healthier and tastier…  Spaghetti was a childhood favorite of mine and as I got older I got bored of it.  My solution spice it up and add some veggies!

Here is a Quick Video on Healthy Veggie Spaghetti…

What you Need

•    One box/bag of Brown Rice Noodles
•    Organic Tomato Sauce or Your Homemade Tomato Sauce
•    ½ red or yellow Onion
•    ½ Green Pepper
•    1 Head of Broccoli
*I choose Brown Rice noodles because they are a bit healthier for you and they taste the same a regular pasta so there is no big getting used to something new for little ones

Steps to Make

1.    Start by filling a large pot about ½ way with water.  Place on stove top.  Add a dash of olive oil and pinch of sea salt to the water.  Bring to a Boil.
2.    While waiting for water to boil, get out veggies.  Chop up onions, pepper, and broccoli in medium pieces.
3.    Once your water has begun to boil add your noodle to the water.
4.    Take out a second medium pot, throw veggies into that pot and pour sauce over top.  Cook on medium heat.  Move to low-medium if sauce begins to boil.
5.    Everything will cook about 12-15 minutes.
6.    Optional- add 1 TBSP or Garlic or Oregano or Basil to your Sauce.  Or 1 TSP of each.
7.    When noodle are cooked to your liking, strain them.  
8.    Place noodle back into large pot and pour sauce and veggies over top.
9.    Mix together..

Viola, your Healthy Veggie Spaghetti!  Enjoy!


Katie Bell


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