How the Root & Sacral Chakras Get Blocked

by Katie Bock

How the Root & Sacral Chakras Get Blocked


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The root and sacral chakras are like the base of your being.  While the root is often defined as your foundation, the sacral is your control center.  Both the root and sacral chakra play important roles in your stability.  The root is that center of basic needs, your true foundation and security.  The sacral is your space of control, creativity and flow.  When your foundation is shaken you need that flow to stay stable.  Root and sacral chakras work together to keep you stable and flowing in life; two very huge aspects of not just existing but actually living.

In episode 21 of Thursday Tea, Katie discusses the different ways the root and sacral chakra get blocked.  She shares some basic information on both root and sacral chakras plus the cause and effect of certain actions on these two chakras.  She shares a major piece of what you need to balance both root and sacral chakras.

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