How To Be The REAL Sovereign of Your Life with Kristen Wilson

by Katie Bock

Have you ever noticed the powerful people out in the world who stand in their power? Do you admire them and wish you had that same power? Well reality check…YOU DO! You are in all its glory the sovereign, divine ruler and the most powerful person in your life. Sometimes it is exciting and other times it is scary. In this episode, Kristen and Katie discuss how you can step into the shoes of sovereign in your life and they share some personal stories around discover their own role as sovereign. 


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Come up with a power color and a power song that empowers you and reminds you that you are the sovereign!   Now Share it, email Katie ( or tag us in a post or story on Instagram or Facebook tell us what your power color and song are so we can celebrate you! (@katiebockyoga @liverealinspired)


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