How to determine what is Best to Eat

by Katie Bock

How to determine what is Best to Eat

What is healthy? What is “right or okay” to eat?  One day eggs are good and the next they are bad.  One experts says no don’t eat that and another says yes eat that.  Meat is killing us according to some and according to others we cannot survive without it.  So what is true, what is “right”?

You are!  When it comes to nutrition and what is best to eat, it is not based on what someone says is Healthy.  It is about how the food makes you feel!  Everyone is different!  What is great for your friend, may be poison for you.

How do you feel about eating all raw foods or eating meat, or being a vegetarian?  How does the food make you feel?  Those are the questions to ask yourself, not who is right.  So explore, experiment, research different ways of eating, hire a health coach.  Just get curious and find what makes you feel best!

Of course sticking with whole foods is important.  Not processed foods, full of toxins.  Real whole foods.  And with that remember we have the instincts to determine what is best for our bodies, we just have to rediscover that ability once again.

Start Now!  Begin a food journey, what makes you and your body feel best?  Share your journey with the Pure Wellness Essentials community on Facebook

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