How to Energize after a Relaxing Yoga Practice

by Katie Bock

Yoga is an amazing practice.  It creates a space for us to open up, let go and breathe.  Sometimes yoga is the only time we allow ourselves to relax.  So when we enjoy yoga in the morning this can become difficult to balance energizing and relaxing on the mat.  I know you want that relaxation from the chaos of life and still have energy for the day.  Don’t we all?

Most of the time in a Morning yoga class the instructor uses some energizing poses but if that’s the only time in your week that you relax then your body will take advantage.  So here are some tips to energize after that relaxing yoga practice so you can get the best of both worlds.

Sun Salutations

I know you probably did some sun salutations in your practice already, however sun salutations are very energizing for the body and mind.  You are Saluting the Sun and moving your body in a way that is awakening muscles and cells.  To energize you could do a Half Sun or a Full Sun Salutation.  Here is the difference and the how to.

  •  Half Sun

*Start in Mountain Pose.  Inhale reach towards the sky. Exhale hands to heart center.  Inhale reach toward to sky.  Exhale forward fold.  Inhale halfway lift (long spine).  Exhale forward fold.  Inhale rise up Mountain pose with arms high.  Exhale hands to heart center.*

  • Full Sun Salutation

*Start in Mountain pose with hands at heart center.  Inhale reach high with slight back bend.  Exhale forward fold.  Inhale step feet back to high plank.  Exhale lower to your mat (dropping the knees if you need to).  Inhale cobra or upward facing dog (lift the heart).  Exhale downward facing dog.  Inhale step feet forward.  Exhale folding.  Inhale rise to Mountain Pose reaching high.  Exhale hands to heart center.*

Do 3-5 Half Suns or Full Sun Salutations to awaken the body and energize. 

Essential Oils

Powerful little suckers.  Essential oils can certainly help energize body and mind.  One to three drops on your hands and taking a deep breathe can really assist your body with many things.  The best oils for energy are Peppermint, white fir,  or a Grounding blend.  Lemon and wild orange can be effective too. 

My favorite is to combined peppermint and wild orange.  The aroma is great and almost immediately I feel alive.  A drop of each in your hands.  Rub them together and take a deep breathe smelling the aroma and soaking up all those molecules to energize body and mind.  This is a simple and quick way to energize. 

If you are new to essential oils or you want to learn more, check out the Free 5 day email course Discovering Essential Oils.


Sometimes after an intense practice we may simply need water and nutrients to energize.  Drinking a glass or two of water in a short period of time with hydrate your body and assist you in feeling alive and ready to go.  A good snack could be banana, apple, orange or berries.  All of those will give you vital nutrients and natural sugars to boost the body’s energy. 

All of these are simple solutions to gain that energy back.  When you get on your mat it is your practice and if its your time to relax then relax.  Let go, its okay.  Then when you need to energize for the day try out one of the above options.  You will be surprised how much better you feel.  Whatever you do don’t stop your practice because you are too relaxed!  That relaxation is needed! 

Until Next Time…


Katie Bell