How To Flow With Your “Flaws” And Release Perfectionism: REAL Talk with Kristen Wilson

by Katie Bock

Do you ever find yourself being harsh with yourself? Can you feel the face of perfectionism showing up for you? This is a REAL struggle sometimes felt by many, you are not alone. In this episode Katie and Kristen chat about how you can flow with those “flaws” and throw perfectionism out the window. Plus they share some personal stories that shine light on REAL life ways of being in the flow.


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Action Step:

If we look with a re-focused REAL lens, we can flow with our flaws.

  1. Grab your journal & jot down 3 traits you would label as ‘flaws,’ as tendencies you have that often threaten to limit your progress and create negative energy.
  2. Pause. Breathe deeply. Be still. Clear your mind and resolved to review the list with a new lens. Prepare to pour these habits through a REAL filter.
  3. Return to your list and reflect on at least one positive use for each of the qualities or patterns you listed. How could you reshape or redirect each so that it transforms from a detriment into a source of inspiration and flow?
  4. Use this exercise as often as needed & practice this affirmation to keep your REAL lens clean and clear: I recognize my power to flow with my flaws & to use all parts of me to create real inspiration.


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