How to Make the Most of Spring & Summer

by Katie Bock

Spring and summer are such fun times of the year.  The weather is warm, kids are home from school and the possibilities are endless.  I often feel like the time flies by so fast did we even get to enjoy the time…So this year we have made a list of everything we want to do this summer and made a family pact to enjoy each and every day.  Which brings me to my first trick to enjoying spring and summer.

  • Make a List– Sit down with yourself or the family and write down everything you would like to do while the weather is warm. Our list had things like go fishing, tie dye, visit the beach three times, plant a garden…anyway you get the point.  Even if you don’t accomplish everything, you now know what everyone would like to do.  Then you can plan out the big things and be spontaneous for the others.
  • Open the Windows– When the weather is not too hot open up those windows. Fresh air is so important and letting fresh air blow throughout the house refreshes the air you breathe inside.  We actually open the windows occasionally in the winter on a not so cold day just to air out, that’s another story for another time though. 
  • Get Outside!– Go for a hike, a walk, garden, swim, whatever you enjoy outside get out there and do it. Getting Fresh air and Vitamin D are important to our health physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
  • Eat Healthy– This time of year is great for starting a healthy diet, fruits and veggies are in abundance and easy to buy locally. Also eating healthier will help you feel better on those Super-Hot Summer Days.  There is no time like the present.  Explore farmers markets, local farm stands and even a CSA (What is a CSA? Find out Here).
  • Clean– There is a reason we all hear about Spring Cleaning. It is a great time to let go of the old and invite in the new.  Do what we call the purge, get rid of all those things you never use and don’t need.  Clearing Space can give you a great feeling of freedom and ease.  It is well worth it!  I am the queen of holding on to things and I have to admit, letting go feels great!
  • Plant a Garden– Grow something big or small. This is super fun for the kids they can get dirty and watch something grow that they were a part of.  If you’re not serious about gardening this could be an activity you leave up to little ones giving them dirt and seeds and letting them plant away.  Experiment and Have Fun!
  • Increase your Physical Activity– No time like the present warm weather to motivate you to get out there and go for a run or a walk. Better yet do some yoga outside that is my favorite!  Play Tag with the little ones or explore an area on a hike.  Just get out there and Get Moving!

Let’s Enjoy Spring and Summer, Explore, Move, Be Healthier and Have Fun!  Okay…Ready…Set…Go!

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Katie Bell

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