How Your Perspective Changes Your Reality

by Katie Bock

How Your Perspective Changes Your Reality

Your perspective is how you see the world, its your outlook. What you see is what you create, its what you attract. If you choose to see the negative that is what you will think and feel. If you always react and assume you may miss out of the reality of whats in front of you. Your perspective is powerful and if you can allow yourself to stop and pause instead of reacting then you will shift your reality.


This week I challenge you to stop, pause and take. moment to realize how you are perceiving things in your life. How to you see the world, your life, what is your perspective? Take the time to stop and pause, then choose to look at the reality, the truth of your life.

Shareable Quotes

“Your perspective is what you see. What you see in the world; creates thoughts, feelings and beliefs within you.”

-Katie Bock

“Too often we perceive things from an assumption instead of taking a pause.”

– Katie Bock

“Your perspective plays the biggest role in creating your reality.”

– Katie Bock

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