How Your Solar Plexus Gets Blocked

by Katie Bock

How Your Solar Plexus Gets Blocked


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Your solar plexus chakra is your center of being and space of power.  This is the place you define yourself from as an individual.  You take action from this space and manifest all your desires.  Your solar plexus plays a key role in how you live life because it is where you define your worth and that affects everything you do.  In fact this chakra can be blocked and you don’t realize it.  The biggest part of working with your solar plexus in self-understanding.  As you deepen your understanding of yourself, you will access your solar plexus in amazing ways.

In episode 22 of Thursday Tea, Katie discusses the different ways your solar plexus chakra gets blocked.  She shares some basic information on the solar plexus chakras plus the cause and effect of certain actions on the chakra.  She shares a major piece of what you need to balance the solar plexus.

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