How To Attract Abundance

by Katie Bock

How To Attract Abundance

Attracting abundance can be simple once you come into an abundance mindset. Abundance is abundant and it can come in many different forms. Part of attracting is becoming unattached to the outcome and that is all about your mindset. Daily practices of gratitude, mantras, feeling good and standing in your self-worth open you up to an abundance mindset. Most importantly you have to believe you are worthy and stand in that self worth. The rest flows once you stand indoor self-worth.

Here are some abundance attracting mantras….

  • I Am Open To Receive Abundance.

  • There is More Than Enough In The world For Everyone.

  • Abundance Is Abundant.

  • I Am Worthy Of Everything I Need And Dream.

  • I Am Grateful For Today.

  • I Am Grateful….

  • I Attract Abundance With Ease.


This week I challenge you to step into your self-worth, gratitude practice everyday, use mantras to get into the mindset and allow yourself to feel good! Trust that the abundance will flow to you with ease.

Shareable Quotes

“Gratitude and abundance intertwine with each other. They work together.”

-Katie Bock

“When you feel good you raise your vibration and when you raise your vibration you raise the vibration of what you are attracting.”

– Katie Bock

“You are worthy of having everything you need and more.”

– Katie Bock

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