How to Set Intentions that Come True

by Katie Bock

How to Set Intentions that Come True

Your intentions are truly powerful and have the potential to guide you in creating the life you want. However there are several reason intentions don’t come true. There are also steps to take to ensure your intentions come to life. Setting a powerful intention is not just going out on a whim and saying I intend on… and hoping it comes true. While trust is important and declaring you intention is powerful, the true magic of your intentions comes from within you and your clarity, commitment and ability to flow.

You can set intentions all day long but if you are not clear with your intention, committed to it and willing to flow with it, bringing it to life is so much harder. All the power and potential live within you. You can bring your intentions to life, you just have to access your power and set your intentions in a powerful way.


This week I challenge you to get clear on your intention, choosing words that support your intention and create your clear intention. Then release your attachments, take a breath and commit to yourself and the intention. Take an action step each day, visualize your clear path and bring your intentions life!

Shareable Quotes

“if it means something to you, if its aligned with your heart, your soul, your true self; your gonna want to make that happen because it feels good for you.”

-Katie Bock

“You have to be willing to flow with yourself as you grow and transform.”

– Katie Bock

“…there are infinite possibilities out there in the universe for you. If you attach yourself to one way of this intention unfolding or it looking one specific way then you have blocked all the other possibility that is out there and you have made it that so much harder for that intention to come life… ”

Katie Bock

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