How To Set Powerful Intentions

by Katie Bock

How To Set Powerful Intentions

Intentions can be extremely powerful. The thing is you have to realize an intention is not a goal or a resolution; its different. It is more about what you intend to do to direct your energy and not based on a specific outcome. Your have to get crystal clear, release your attachments and solidify the intention through repetition. The power of your intentions comes from your inner fire and ability to manifest and create the reality you want. What intention will you set?


This week I challenge you to set a clear and specific intention, release your attachments to a specific outcome and solidify in your mind with mantra practice. Then watch as the power of your intention unfolds. Make sure to share with me how it went!

Shareable Quotes

“Intentions are truly powerful because it will pull your energy in that direction.”

-Katie Bock

“Stand in trust that the moment you set your clear intention you have already propelled yourself forward in that direction you want to go.”

– Katie Bock

“We truly have the power to manifest our reality, we just have to get our mind in that space.”

– Katie Bock

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