How to Survive the Plot Twists of Life

by Katie Bock

How to Survive the Plot Twists of Life

Life can be great and it can also be a roller coaster. Just like in the movies we have plot twists in life and thats okay. Surviving those moments is not about avoiding them or ignoring them its about acceptance, mindset and action. Think of yourself like a river, when the tree falls the water figures out how to go around the tree and you can do the same. Life is made up of little moments and you have all the power in your hands to choose how you react.


This week I challenge you to consider what will be the way you survive the next plot twist in your life. Think about what your first step will be. Maybe write down some mantras that will help you get in th mindset on compassion and taking action.

Shareable Quotes

“We don’t always have control over what life throws our way and very rarely do we have control over it. What we do have control over is how we react to it.“

-Katie Bock

“Your mindset is key. If you don’t believe you can make it through, that will make it so much harder for you to make it through.”

– Katie Bock

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