I Allow Burdens To Fall From My Shoulders

by Katie Bock

I Allow Burdens To Fall From My Shoulders

This mantra is very freeing. I allow burdens to fall for my shoulders is about all the pressure you put on your shoulders, all the burden that you feel from life from past trauma, future worry that is your burden and this mantra helps you free yourself from that pressure on your shoulders.  The great part about using mantras and retraining your thoughts is that you don’t need to know specifically what burdens are weighing on you; you don’t need to know specifically what’s causing you to get easily upset or nervous or stressed or overwhelmed. You know you feel those feelings and you know there’s some kind of burden there on your shoulders so by saying this mantra and repeating it you allow yourself to release those burdens.

This week the way that energy is flowing the way the strategy is we struggle with nervousness with getting easily upset because of these burdens that we have past present and future and so encourage you to use this mantra whenever you need throughout the week as many times as you need to see it as often as you want to help yourself take the burdens from your shoulders no it will not make them disappear it will though help take the pressure off of you it will help you help yourself to feel freer


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Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I allow burdens to fall from my shoulders can help you shift your thoughts and toward the feeling of freedom.


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